I think your idea is awesome. Can I give you money?
       Thank you. How about instead you give money to the A21 Campaign? I want to make a difference for human trafficking victims and I believe in the A21 Campaign and the work they're doing.

        If you won't take my money how else can I help?
        You can spread the word by giving away a "Key for Free" to a friend or complete stranger. Then request another key for yourself and give that one away! Repeat. Forever.

        Do you really believe the stuff you say about Jesus?
        Yep. I do. Loving Jesus and knowing He loves you (and He died to prove it) is like being in the best club ever. I like that we can be in a club where we feel like we're valued & everyone can join because all you have to do to get in is believe.

        How do I learn more about Jesus?
        Read the Bible. CLICK HERE to read the Bible online. Or CLICK HERE to download the App for free.

More questions? Email me!