You can visit the Polaris Project website to learn more info about                                             .

We tend to think that the problems in our world are so big that we can't do anything about them. We believe the lie that it takes a big, sweeping movement to solve injustice and issues that grieve us & grieve the heart of God. But really, it just takes believing                                     and I can do something!

                             a step, any step, even a little step. A lot of little steps                 cross a great distance.
                            hands with someone else who cares about the same                   things you do & take more steps together.

If you want to help fight                               you can donate to the A21 Campaign. They're rescuing and restoring victims and putting traffickers in jail and we can help by backing them and by giving freedom a voice!

You can also give away a "Key for Free" and help to spread the 
                                message and encourage others to get involved.
You are someone and you can do something!
If you suspect                               you can confidentially report it to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-3737-888.